Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Intro (imported from a previous blog)

I'm type 1 kinda sorta I'm not really sure anymore. Let me esplain....

I was dx'd type 1 at age 9, did the whole Nph/R regimine for years, switched to Lantus and R, Lantus and Humalog and eventually went on a pump using Novolog. A few years ago I started researching Islet transplantation and the Edmonton Protocol and decided I wanted more information on clinical trial for islet transplants. I found a website that listed centers doing transplants and registered there.

About six months later I got an email from one of the centers saying they were screening for study participants and was I still interested? Yep I was, a bunch of tests, bloodwork, paperwork and ayear later I was waiting for the call for my transplant. I got that call May 13, 2006, was transplanted on the 14th and I've been off insulin since July 14. 2006. So far so good, there were rough patches. I had some complications and a whole lot of puking from one of the medications but over all so far so good! Would I do it again? You betcha! I feel great.

My blood sugars aren't perfect. I still watch what I eat because too many carbs and I spike, but eventually it comes back down on its own. Soo. I've gone from type 1 on a pump to type 1 kinda sorta not really sure where I fit in the scheme of things but its all good. ;)

Anyone interested in islet transplants can check out The Chicago Project and The University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago's islet transplant program . I'm happy to answer questions too, either here or through email.

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