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Chicago Marathon 2012
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Entertainment For The Week 1/25

Paganini Caprice no 24

Li Jie

Bird's Gotta Visit the Doctor Too Ya Kno.- and an Islet Update, Kinda

Bean had his annual avian vet check on Friday and he has a cold so he's on antibiotics for ten days. He likes his medicine. It's all strawberry flavored and most delicious judging by his behavior. Today I set him on the counter by the syringe after he got his meds and he started chewing on the end in a kind of "gimme more!" manner. I won't complain, Butter (Green Bean's cage mate) despises the whole ritual and clamps his beak shut until he gets so mad at me he starts biting. I can sneak the medicine in then but he usually manages to spit out it all over me. He's a stubborn little bugger and I'm sure it doesn't help any that the entire time Green Bean yells because durn it! he wants the attention and treats! *sigh* I'm telling you its just rough being feathered and loved.

and on the islet front.

I have nothing to report. All is well. In the past month I've had all of one blood sugar reading over 200, one over 150 and the rest have been between 95 and 140. Euglycemia has settled in. I like it.

Now if can just get my thyroid in order I'll be all normal like.

and won't that be weird?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Birdies

Not only is it cold season for us poor human folks but for our feathered friends as well. The number one phase in my blogs keyword activity this month is "bird won't stop sneezing".

Poor little doods.

Folks if your bird is sneezing continuously, that's a sign of respiratory infection and/or cold. Take them to a qualified avian vet for a check up and antibiotics. The over the counter versions don't work and can make your bird worse.

Find an avian vet here.

If you can't find a certified avian vet in your area listed on that site call you local pet store, or bird breeder and ask for a recommendation.

Birds don't generally show signs of illness until they are very sick and need medical attention. soo yeah, don't wait.


Labs Labs Labs

I'm not talking dogs here.

All of the whining I've done over the past six months or so about my A1c creeping up and my goofy random numbers in the +200's, and this quarters A1c was down to 5.5. I've never had a 5.5 not even in the first year after transplant. Apparently mine islets like the Cellcept better then they liked Sirolimus.

My fasting c-pep was 1.3.

Per usual, my cholesterol is up, so Dr. Endocrinologist switched me from Lipitor to Crestor. hopefully this change will also be good for me.

My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was high, possibly because of the switch in immuno supression meds so my thyroid meds were increased again.

Everything else was all normal like, except for my low vitamin D level which is more likely due to the fact that I live in a state with little sunshine this time of year then to do with anything diabetes or transplant related.

I'm happy about the A1c. Confused a bit because my islets seem to like to randomly function perfectly and give me a most excellent A1c and then go back to their usual goofiness and pop out a high one, so I'm not holding my breath until April. if my A1c is most excellent like again in three months, I'll celebrate.

Oh yeah and my hemoglobin level was 12.6. I'm so donating blood next month if I'm given permission.



btw wish me lower TSH levels in five weeks so my stinking energy level gets back to normal. This sleeping 15 hrs a day bites and its bad for my social, erm online life too!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Entertainment For The Week 1/18

It's long.

make popcorn.

Warner Brothers decided have a little spat with Youtube, so all videos containing WB artists, or their music, or covers of their music have apparently been removed from the site. Sorry.

If it gets your goat:

Contact WB. Let them know how you feel.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Is Quiet On The Islet Front

I had a three month follow up in Chicago yesterday and it was pleasantly uneventful. At least so far. I haven't heard back on labs/blood work and if I don't hear back the same day it usually means nothing is worth calling about. Eventually, I'll get copies of blood work if I request them.

The main issues that were addressed were my cholesterol level, blood pressure and general wellness now that I've been on Cellcept for over a month. I'm betting my lipids are elevated per usual, since that seems to be my pattern for a long as I can remember no matter which med I'm on. My blood pressure has been oddly low and I'm now off of one of my meds for that, and my general wellness has been, um, well. No mouth ulcers, no overwhelming need to sleep 24/7, no feeling fatigued and nauseous all the time.

I'm a whole new me on Cellcept.

With nothing to blog about.

Happy for me. Boring for readers.

I'm not apologizing.

I like it.


I'll post lab results when I get them. Promise.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random Entertainment For The Week 1/2

Warner Brothers decided have a little spat with Youtube, so all videos containing WB artists, or their music, or covers of their music have apparently been removed from the site. Sorry.

If it gets your goat:

Contact WB. Let them know how you feel.