Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Is Quiet On The Islet Front

I had a three month follow up in Chicago yesterday and it was pleasantly uneventful. At least so far. I haven't heard back on labs/blood work and if I don't hear back the same day it usually means nothing is worth calling about. Eventually, I'll get copies of blood work if I request them.

The main issues that were addressed were my cholesterol level, blood pressure and general wellness now that I've been on Cellcept for over a month. I'm betting my lipids are elevated per usual, since that seems to be my pattern for a long as I can remember no matter which med I'm on. My blood pressure has been oddly low and I'm now off of one of my meds for that, and my general wellness has been, um, well. No mouth ulcers, no overwhelming need to sleep 24/7, no feeling fatigued and nauseous all the time.

I'm a whole new me on Cellcept.

With nothing to blog about.

Happy for me. Boring for readers.

I'm not apologizing.

I like it.


I'll post lab results when I get them. Promise.

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