Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thyroid Scans and a video to boot!

Two weeks ago i had a TMS scan to make sure all of my thyroid tissues are gone after surgery and cancer and all that happy jazz. It was pretty non-eventful. Over the course of a week, I had two injection of thyrogen, a capsule of radioactive iodine and was scanned from head to knees. Why head to knees and not head to toe you ask? I wondered the same thing. Apparently they're not worried about thyroid cancer migrating to the shins or ankles or something like that

Anyway, I needed to get a copy of the radiology report to take to my next trip to Chicago and since I have yet to hear from my local endocrinologist about said test results I figured today was a fine day to drop by the hospital and get me a little piece of paper that I was sure would say I was all good and cured and such.

Well, I'm not sort of. Cured probably. Good kinda. Maybe. What I'm trying to say is there is still thyroid tissue showing up in my neck after having had my thyroid gland removed. Since they can't guarantee that it's not left over cancer cells the report recommended more radioactive iodine to obliterate it. Yay,

But like I said, I haven't heard from Dr Endo yet, so we'll see what he has to say and what Dr. Transplant thinks when I see him in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I have a little rant. Warner Brothers and Youtube are in a spat so all videos with WB content are being pulled, including more then a few videos I've posted as Random Entertainment over the past year.

So fine, here's an original from David Choi. I had to pull one of his videos for above reasons and I like David Choi's music.

WB can stick it. Originals are better anyway.

You can check out David Choi's youtube channel here if you are so inclined.

oh and BooWarnerBrothers!


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