Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Vaccinations and Small County Livin'.

I live in a small county right next to a much more populated county, and by "right next to" I mean quite literally, across the street. The kids from the schools that are closed due to H1N1 in my county could throw stones at the kids from schools closed due to H1N1 in the county next door. Oh wait. the majority of them go to the same schools. but guess what? (I bet you've already guessed where I'm going) The peoples in the more densely populated county right across the street, working in the same offices. going to the same public places and the same schools, have access to H1N1 vaccinations, and the peoples in my county? Not so much.

Big county next door got H1N1 vaccinations almost two weeks ago. Podunk county? Three days. I called both counties offices. Big? available to the highest risk group, kids, people working with kids, pregnant peoples and people with compromised immune systems. Podunk county? They've got them but not for the chronically ill and immuno compromised unless you happen to be under 19.

So what's a paranoid girl to do?

Travel 10 hours round trip to Chicago to the clinical research center at UIC on Monday. They've got vaccinations for all of the patients in the study, and I oh so appreciate that they do, but Monday's going to be a long long day for one silly shot that IMO should be available right next door.

I was never paranoid about germs before immuno suppression.


I wasn't.

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