Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Birds and the birds., and some diabetes musings too...

Not only do I have a parrotlet but I also have three bugdies. Butter, Sky, Marble. Butter and Sky are smitten. They have been since day one. They've never shared a cage mostly for that reason and because Butter and Green Bean get along really well so the boys share a cage and the girls have their own cages. Until today.

I usually let the budgies play together every few day. Socialization is a good thing right? Well, today it was a budgie porn fest! (not their usual behavior, I guess spring is in the air) and I've decided to let the girl bird nest and see what happens. Last spring she nested but none of the eggs hatched. They probably won't this year either, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. Mean while Green Bean is jealous and mad that his friend is with THAT girl bird!

On the diabetes front, I have mouth ulcers from the immunosupression meds. Eight of them! They hurt, everything I eat hurts, thinking about eating hurts, so I'm not eating much and as a result my blood sugars have been most excellent. Honestly, the mouth ulcers are bad enough some days that I wonder if its worth it, but then I think about the long term and about how things were before the transplant and I know I'd still do it again.

So I'm going to quit whining and go watch my birds now that the nookie is over :) and think about eating something, maybe.

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