Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Green Bean has a new friend!

Since I brought him home from the bird store Green Bean has been my buddie, my best friend. He loves me most! This I knew with every bit of my soul. until today! Well really until Wednesday.

Friends of ours came over for dinner. One them asked to see the birds and since Green Bean is the only one tame enough to come out when I know I might need to just reach over and grab him to put him back in his cage he's the one I brought out. He liked J. immediately and flew to her. He never does that! I was surprised. No biggie. After a short visit it was bed time and I put him to bed. The next day we're all back to normal. And then today happened!

Once again the same couple came over for dinner/super bowl and she asked to see Green Bean again and as soon as he saw her he was off! He sat on her shoulder the entire evening, gave kisses, preened her hair and when it was time go to back to his cage and go to bed he bit me! I think I'm jealous!

The little bugger!

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