Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fire Alarms and Nakid Birds, Good Times.

Last night I was good. I went to bed fairly early for me at 10:30 and awoke about 40 minutes later with a godawful buzzing in my head. I live in an apartment building, It's a walk out. We have a courtyard. It's next to a park. I have quiet neighbors. I like it. However, I live on the first floor and had no idea just how horrible the people on the 2nd and 3rd floors have it when the temperatures get hot outside. Until last night at about 11:10 pm when the buzzing started.

It was loud. Really loud. Did I mention that the buzzing was loud?

Cause it was.

It had apparently rained in the 40 minute that I was pleasantly asleep and the humidity in the building was high. That, along with the ungodly heat outside and even higher temps inside on the upper floors, set off the fire alarms in the building. I got up, woke up M. checked the hallway door to see if it were hot and then checked my neighbors door to see if they were hot. Nope. I went back inside, put the birds in their travel cages and sat outside with them whining the whole time until we decided what to do.

Eventually, the fire department showed up. Nothing was wrong other then it was just hellish and steamy upstairs, so we went back in. The birds spent the night in their travel cages and today when I got home from work. Green Bean was nakid.

Poor bird didn't like the noise and interruption of his sleep and decided that pulling out all of his belly feathers was a good stress releasing activity.

I need batteries for my camera. Maybe tomorrow I'll buy some and post a picture of his pathetic little butt.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about what happened but what a cute story.. I just wanna see nekid bird pictures *LOL*