Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gettin' Busy With Santa and the Mrs.

So, I work with this lady that looks like Mrs. Claus (We'll just call her Mrs. Claus) and her husband looks like, you guessed it. Mr. Claus. At holiday time they hire themselves out for parades and parties and such. Being that I have a business in the children's entertainment industry and having known the Mr and Mrs for a few years, I know they start to book up early, so I wanted to ask how things were going.and *this* is the conversation about such things that happened at work the other day.

Me: "hi Mrs. Claus, how are you?"
Mrs. Claus: "good, you"
Me: "Me, fine, thanks, How are holiday plans coming along.... Are you and Santa gettin busy?"

(*me, slaps forhead for saying such inappropratenessess to said childhood icon)

The whole "gettin' busy with Santa" comment was lost on her and then she said and I quote....

Mrs. Clause: "Oh ya, we're gettin' busy, there's *insert local country club*... oh and that lady we do every year....."

Me" *slap*!

welcome to the pre-holiday season in children's entertainment...

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