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Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vacation and back again

We just returned from 5days on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. I love the island. We normally go at least once a year but we haven't had time or resources to really take a vacation since the transplant. (check out the cam!)

If you're not familiar with Mackinac go watch Somewhere In Time, ignore the cars and you'll get an idea of what the island is like. There are no cars on the island out side of emergency vehicles and the oddball tractor used for construction projects during the off season. The primary modes of transportation are bicycle and horse drawn carriage. There's not a lot on the island especially in October when most of the proprietors have gone back to the mainland and the tourists are scarce. There a fort, which was closed, downtown, most of which was closed, a butterfly house (too cool!), a few bars and shops still open and a whole lot of trails to explore. We spent most of the week wandering around trails, mostly abandoned roads, and tiptoeing around horse poop(downtown is kept very clean but the back roads, not so much) ahh, good times.

Have I mentioned that I love Mackinac Island? There's just nothing like climbing 3/4ths of the way up a bluff, stopping and realizing that there are absolutely no human sounds to be heard outside of your own breathing. The only glitch we came across is about 30 minutes after we arrived Transplant Nurse called to tell me I needed an additional 4 days of antibiotics and could I stop by the nearest Target and pick those up today? Nope, nearest Target was 2 hours away and the closest pharmacy was a 20 minute boat ride back to the mainland and I wasn't going back! So, I had a UTI last week,(tmi) and took 10 days of antibiotics but not 14 like they done wanted me to but I'm not dead yet so all is well. Oooh and the other glitch? The water was funky, ok well not funky, but it's not municipal water so even though the island has a filtration system, I was afraid to drink the water and ended up buying a lot of bottled drinks instead.

On transplant notes, when Transplant Nurse called she said they want me to return to Chicago in November rather then wait until my usual three month follow up. I didn't have great cell phone reception on Mackinac so I can't really say why I'm going back. I should probably find out why tomorrow.

and tomorrow, pictures will be posted too!


imagine this only no so many people cause we were there the last week of the season. Our last night there were only two room occupied at the hotel we were at. can you say creepy?

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