Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More bird news.

My birds are still all sick. Well, two out of three are sick and the fourth one is dead. Dr. Vet man says what ever they have they got from me (or more likely, from Moe since she was the one with the sinusy gunk last month), cause birds don't get gram positive type bacterias unless they get them from humans. Anyway, I feel bad that they're sick and angry with me for torturing them with antibiotics. Green Bean seems to like Cipro but judging from their reactions, the Budgies think it tastes something akin to ass. Butter quite literally spit it in my eye tonight, and while I stumbled around trying to get the sticky stingy pink gunk out of my eyeball, he flew around the house bitching at me like, well, the angry, crazed parakeet that he was. I can't blame him. I'd be angry too and quite frankly if he's healthy enough to put up that much of a fight. Go him!
Hopefully, when I take the birds back to the vet next week for a recheck they'll be all good. I hope so, cause at $165 a visit I can't afford to keep taking them every other week.


I love my avain vet. He's awesome, and worth every penny.

Can I add the birds onto my work benefits?

"Really Dr Vet man, they're on my family plan, prescriptions covered too..."


dream on.

oh and since I haven't said it in ages


my blood sugars are still all normal like.

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