Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
You Can Still Run For A Cause!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Appointments and Marathons

I had my quarterly appointment at UIC's clinical research center last Tuesday. My A1C was 6.3 for the second time in a row so I've been put back on Januvia. My fasting blood sugars are good. My blood sugar is staying up longer then it s should and while 6.3 isn't a horrible number I agree with Dr. Transplant that Januvia is a good idea.

My gallbladder will most likely be coming out in January. Unless I have symptoms again, then it will come out sooner.

I also have an angiomyolipoma on my kidney. It's a benign tumor. 2003 is the first time I can remember it showing up on any kind of scan or ultrasound and nothing has ever been done about it. I was told once it was benign but I've never had any follow up so UIC wants it checked out as a precaution. That will be happening sometime in January too. yay

on funner notes

We went to the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. We got there at 7:30. There was a high school race (I think 3miles?) then the wheelchair racers started, professional runners started and then everyone else. It was really cool to be able to be down there to cheer everyone on. I finally lost my voice from yelling around 1pm and we decided to head out even though there were still a lot of people running.

Now, I appreciate even more the runners that raised money for the Chicago Diabetes Project and diabetes research in general. CellmatesOnTheRun wasn't the only Diabetes related charity represented. We saw a few different organizations' shirts run by.

So to everyone that ran for a charity. Thanks!

To CellmatesOnTheRun, especially Dr. Oberholzer for encouraging people to run, and Amber, nurse extraordinaire, for raising more the twice her original goal and for being awesome in general, Thank you!


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