Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Monday, March 31, 2008

20 years ago

Be forewarned, the following is in no way diabetes related.

20 years ago I lived in this tiny podunk town in mid-Michigan. I moved there from Detroit. It was a huge, huge culture shock. The first week I lived there I decided to drive around and find the rest of the town because there just had to be more of it somewhere, right? wrong. There was corn and alfalfa and more corn and a few cows.

That day I was driving around I saw a man I like to call Jethro Tull Guy because he was wearing this tan shirt that said, you guessed it. Jethro Tull. He had a skinny white guy afro and holes in his jeans. He looked like something straight out of 1976. I thought "sweet!" and chuckled.

The following week I saw him again, Same hair, same jeans, same shirt. And then I saw him the next day, and the next. You get the idea. Every day in Podunkville mid-Michigan Jethro Tull guy walked to where ever about the time I was driving to Anthropology 101 at MSU.

Well yesterday we had a job outside of Podunkville. I haven't been there since we moved say 18 years ago and guess who I saw. Jethro Tull guy, same hair. same jeans, same shirt at the townie coffee shop. The same coffee shop I used to get my coffee at before my commute to school.

It was like stepping back in time.

Amazing how some places never change.

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