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Chicago Marathon 2012
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Frustrations and Highs

tonight my blood sugar was 222 at 2hrs post prandial. I'm frustrated.

I feel so diabetical. So wanting to take insulin to bring it down to normal and in general impatient. I know it will come down on its own eventually, but that whole idea of waiting for it is very very non proactive and very unlike me.

I want perfection now! durn it!

I have islets! I want them to working like, well, islets and not lag behind like the impaired glucose tolerant little shits that they are as of late.

Pre-transplant I used to get so annoyed at people that whined about anything under 250 and now here I am whining about the occasional imperfection, but dangit I went through much to be where I'm at now, and it kind of freaks me out to think about facing transplant number two.

I keep waiting for it to happen. One of these times I'm afraid Dr. Transplant will say its time to be put back on the list and I think I'll cry.

It really wasn't fun. I can imagine it was a lot more fun then a full organ transplant would be but still, I had some complications because of my whacky anatomy (can you say situs inversus boys and girls?) and I was in large amounts of pain afterwards. I spent 9 days in icu because of a liver hematoma and I'd really like to avoid ever experiencing that again. However, that being said if/when they say I need a second islet transplant, I'll do it.

Maybe that gives some perspective on how much better I feel now then I did pre-islets? And maybe I should listen to myself and stop whining about the occasional high bs and quit stressing.

yeah, thats what I'm going to do. starting tomorrow...

maybe ;)


Jonah said...

Have you considered taking/ are you taking oral hypoglycemic agents?

parrotletzoo said...

Yes, I talked to my Drs about Januvia but decided against for various reasons. I have also been on Byetta, which made me incredibly nauseas. I see Dr. Transplant again in April, so we'll see what happens. Might be worth bringing it up again to see what they have to say about it now. If need be I'll go back on insulin for corrections. Euglyecmia was always my goal over being off insulin and for the most part I have good control. I just get really frustrated with the +200's I see once in awhile.