Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Pooooor little green bird!

Because my living room is flipping freezing 24/7 no matter how warm the rest of my home is and I really really wanted to hang out and just watch tv today, I dragged out my sleeping bag. grabbed the bird and set up camp.

Tv was boring as usual and the bird was warm and fuzzy and we both fell asleep like morons in the middle of the floor. I woke up a short while later, couldn't find the bird, which usually means he's headed back to his cage.

but no, he wasn't there.

he wasn't on his play gym.

or hanging out in my pot of chives.

or any of his usual spots. so I started to get worried. I looked and looked and looked and then I heard it. Grrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrr. little bird growlings in the bottom of the sleeping bag.

He was trapped, squashed by heavy blankets, ruffled, nippy and totally annoyed with me when I finally dragged his little bird butt out of the bottom of the bag.


I'm a bad bad parent and its rough being a little green bird.


Jonah said...

How much does your bird weigh?

parrotletzoo said...

Green Bean weighed 24 grams the last time he was weighed. He's a pretty small, even for a parrotlet.

My parakeets weigh around 35g.