Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Sister's here!!!....

My sister arrived today via USPS. Actually, she arrived at my brother's house and he called to tell me that he was driving around with her in the backseat because the mail lady didn't leave the package and he had to chase her down.

He and I are the only ones that seem to think this is hilarious. It's so like her to show up when it's inconvenient and make us run around town to get her and do her bidding! I loved my sister but that's just how she was. And Brother and I had a good laugh joking that she's being forced to ride around Podunkvile, in his pick up truck.

Lisa hated Michigan, even though we grew up in Detroit, it was too small-ville, too Midwest, too not New York City. My other sister stayed in suburban Detroit, I moved to Podunk and my brother moved to the even smaller town of Podunkville. Needless to say those of us left in Michigan used to roll our eyes every time she started talking about how great "The City" was and how backwards the rest of us were. As if everyone here wears flannel and ear flaps year round. :)

So, she's here and we're going to actually make Beer Butt Chicken this time. I'm planning on cracking open a can of beer and setting it on her box while we eat and if Mr. Digs the Grave at the cemetery lets me I"m going to throw a can in the hole for her. A fitting final goodbye if you ask me, complete with what ailed her...


parrotletzoo said...

yeah, I fixed it.

if you're still annoyed, read the disclaimer on the right ;)

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