Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Monday, June 9, 2008

School's In For Summer

I started classes again today. Good Lord, being on campus again, starting over makes me feel like an old lady. Today I just had Math Lab otherwise known as Algebra for Morons. Tomorrow is more exciting. Fitness and Wellness for people under 18 and those that don't have a chronic illness and have no idea how to read a nutrition label. Sorry, not meaning to insult anyone under 18 but if you've been around and had diabetes as long as I have you kind of already, know the basics of how to eat your veggies and Brazil nuts for a long and healthy life. The book is obviously written for younger type college students too but I shouldn't be so proud as to think I won't learn anything. Maybe it will motivate me to exercise a bit more or maybe I'm just really really trying to convince myself that I won't get bored with it all.

Boredom and I don't get along. Boredom is a bad a bad thing. When I get bored I slack off and start doing more interesting things like practice the ukulele or draw cartoon snowmen versions of my doctors doing silly things. Unless, I'm in front of a computer screen, I don't sit still well to do schoolwork. I was that child before that child had the label of ADD. In the 70's they didn't medicate kids. They taught us how to work around it, which didn't always works so well and reminds me I left my coffee in the car, I should go get that.

mmmm coffeeee...

Anyway, school started and I digress. I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, even though I know I really don't need to be, but fact is I am.

maybe it will be good for me.

maybe fitness for dummies will help me get motivated and exercise more.

maybe I won't get bored.

and hopefully, I'll learn something new.


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