Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Entertainment For The Week 8/22

Last week on Friday we were in Grand Haven, Mi. I love it there. The beaches are beautiful. You can camp on the beach, next to the water, light house, pier and it's within walking distance of downtown Grand Haven. The town is quaint. There are shops and bars and nasty (but you know you need one) corn dog types things called Pronto Pups. And Fricano's Pizza Tavern has the best pizza ever. mmmm. did I mention that I really like it there? We go every year, spend way too much money, freeze our butts off swimming in the lake, get sand in our undies and watch the musical fountain and laugh. Laugh at the fountain I mean, cause I mean, the whole fountain experience is kinda weird.

Grand Haven's Musical Fountain was built in the 60's. It's across the channel where the Grand River meets Lake Michigan and it's on top of a sand dune which means it's, well, windy there. Not so good for fountains cause the water sprays and it ends up being the musical lighted spraying mist. People love it. I don't get it. I love it because I think its funny, cheesy shit, and everyone should go see it. Its one the not-so-wonders of the world where you just sit there are look around at the people clapping and think, Uhhh? wha?? this is it??? The general public can download the software and program it. One of these day's I'm going to put it to "Is that all there is?" by Peggy Lee cause that's what I think every year when we go see it. And yet we always go back for more. ;)

Some day thousands of years from now archaeologists will find its remains and find the bleachers across the channel and think the natives worshiped it. Wish I could be there.

Any way, here it is in all of its misty glory.

btw. the lights going across the screen in front of the fountain aren't cars, they're boats going up the channel. That part I like, watching the boats go by...

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