Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nutcracker and Nieces

We just got home from the Nutcracker. My 8yr old niece was mouse no 2. and a snake charmer. She of course was awesome and I got to spend the afternoon with her little sister cause mom and dad were suckered into selling cookies at the performance.

Niece no 2 and I had a good time. Waiting for the show to start, we played our own version of scissors, paper, rock otherwise know as pokey finger, alligator, claw. (claw beats alligator, alligator tries to beat pokey finger, pokey finger beats everything as long as "everything is played by Aunt Me). Basically, pokey finger wins and I end up poked somewhere that makes me jump and laugh cause I'm uber ticklish, as long as said somewhere isn't in my eye or nose. She's tried it, believe me, Aunt Me no likey fingers up the schnoz, and that option was nixed right away.

Niece no 3 will be arriving on December 28 if things go as planned. She might be a nephew and she might show up earlier, but if not I'll be going, "uuuugshhh there's a head sticking out of you, oh sister of mine", on the 28th cause that's when they're going to induce labor and hopefully rid my sister of that pesky gestational diabetes (You thought I was going to say kid didn't you?). Being in the labor and delivery room for the girls was just the coolest thing I've ever done and I can't wait for this one! ;)

Keep your fingers crossed that things go as planned and in three weeks maybe just maybe I'll post a picture of the new squeek!

And speaking of new squeeks, my girl bird is laying eggs. So far we have two. Last time she nested she laid 11 eggs, but none hatched. I'm hoping this time at least one makes it! I want grandbirds!

And last but not least, tomorrow I head back to Chicago for labs and follow up to make sure my drug levels are satisfactory and that my islets are happy little campers.

I may not have internet access,


'till Tuesday.

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