Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Days Home From Chicago and Heading Into Crayzeeville

Chicago was as non-eventful as any trip to Chicago has been for me. We drove. No train this time. It rained. It was freakishly warm. We got there late, slept, got up and went to the clinical research center per usual at 7am the next morning.

I had blood drawn, physical, answered their questions, met new person in the study and answered a few of his questions and went home. Later that day Transplant Nurse Extraordinare called to tell me to increase my Cellcept from 1gm to 1.5gm 2x a day. My cholesterol level is slightly elevated even though I'm now on 40mg of lipitor a day, I apparently have another UTI (yippee),and my hemoglobin level is up a bit, which makes me happy happy!

On the crayzee side, my local ob/gyn put me on Provera. It's only for 10 days, but I'm only on day 3 and I feel sorry for my co-workers cause everything just ticked me off today! It's really too close to Christmas to be working retail and taking drugs that alter your mood in a negative way (not to mention altering weight in a upwardly way)! Geh, I'm questioning my sanity in agreeing to take it right now.

Note to self - next time take crayzee making drugs after crayzee making season is over.

good times, hopefully the provera will work and jump start my system cause according to Dr. ob/gyn not having a menstrual cycle in 3 yrs is abnormal even if for the past 20 you've only had oh say 2 a year, if that. hrm, I'm not so sure I'm buying it but whatever. We'll try it for awhile.

and that boys and girls was tmi.



tomorrow is Friday,

yay for Friday, random entertainment

and a day off from thinking about this shit.


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