Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because I said I'd Post Everyday This Month

F.Y. I. This one has nothing to do with diabetes or transplants.

Gah! I've only been home a total of one hour since I dragged my sorry butt off to work this morning at 4 am. Its almost 11 pm now and I'm tired.

I spent most of the evening attending a very political post election type affair behind a very expensive video camera. Not in front of it! Behind it. Because they paid Moe, wedding, legal, and minor event videographer extraordinaire, to provide such services, and I agreed to help out. I hate when I agree to help out because she loves it and I think it's a huge huge drag.

I love our party business. I actually like setting up and taking down bounce houses, and entertaining children. I make a mean (in a good way) pirate with a balloon sword and I can paint faces until the cows come home or mom and dad make the kids go home, but I don't like the media business. Its just. Not. Fun.

And now I'm annoyed because I pride myself on NOT being a member of a political party. I voted for members of more then two political parties this past election and yet I left tonight having disagreed with all but about two points made by a host of speakers. It gave me a headache to say the very least.

So now I'm going to go eat some Tylenol (Paracetamol for my EU friends), and collapse into bed so I can get up in 3.5 hrs and do it all again, and again, and again.

'Cause tomorrow, we edit.


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