Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magic Coffee Mugs

I had a professor in college who claimed to be manic digressive. He said and I quote "I'm manic, and I digress, get used to it". That's all I'm saying here.

I had the day off today, so I got up at my usual 5am (Actually, that's sleeping in two hours, but I digress), and made coffee. Yum, I love coffee elixirs. After my transplant I couldn't stand the smell or taste of coffee, but I forced myself to get used to it all over again. That's just how much I like my cuppa joe.

Sooo I made coffee and got out my favorite coffee mug. I use it regularly, never had a problem with it but today when I filled my cup up and thought. "hmm, we have sugar free hot cocoa, should I add some? Naa, cup too full" and then looked down again at my cup, it was slowly emptying.

My next train of thought? "Holy crap spilled coffee + light colored carpet = huge mess!". But no, there was no spillage, which confused me, so I stared.

And watched.

And listened as my brain creaked making funny confused sound effects while I tried to figure out just what was happening as my coffee disappeared! (f.y.i The sound effects don't actually happen. I don't have audio type hallucinations or anything. Recounting it as such would just be my imagination at play trying to get across just how confused I really was).

I called Melissa over. She stared and picked the cup up. Nope no leakage. And then it stopped and my cup was now 3/4ths full instead of "omg, its too full I'll spill and once again burn myself if I take it to the dining room for breakfast, kind of full".

All I can figure is the glaze was cracked and said coffee was sucked into oblivion by the porous ceramic innards of aforementioned cup.

and I was left sad, and coffee-less.

Until I made more.

And missed the table when I reached over to set it down.

So now I have a coffee stain on my light colored carpet anyway.

I gave up on the coffee and drank a diet coke instead, because certainly it was not meant to be.

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