Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Nakid Bird and Black Friday

I survived working opening shift on black Friday. It sounds so ominous but really the "black" part just means retailers are hoping to no longer be in the red after today. My favorite part of the day every black Friday is when I get to stand back and watch the crayZees run, quite literally, through the store because omg! they just have to have that cheapass video camera for which we'll have rain checks, if we actually run out. But it's fun. it's the one day I'm allowed to visibly laugh out loud at customers, be rude and tell people "I think it's over there, *pointing in general direction of large masses of peoples* have fun with that".

Anyway that part of my day is over. I got home from work and the Green Bird who has been doing so well with not pulling out all of his feathers was once again nakid. He left in a few flight feathers and half of a tail feather. I managed to get a very blury picture of it this time. Green Bean is the nakid bird. The head in the upper right corner is his best buddy and cagemate, Butter.

If you went shopping today I hope you managed to stay safe and not get run down by a crayzee with a shopping cart. And I hope the sales were all you dreamed of. or didn't because you got up at the asscrack of dawn.

and now, I'm going to go watch a movie with the green one.


Mortis said...

When I was a kid, shopping with my grandmother, I watched 2 old ladies get into a fistfight over a pair of boys underoos. Come on, these are supposed to be the skivvies of fun!!!

parrotletzoo said...

Oh gosh! Underoos... lol