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Chicago Marathon 2012
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If You Wear Medical ID

How often do you have people asking about it?

I wear mine everyday and I rarely have comments or questions about it. I don't mind when I do qet questions. I'm a big fan of Medical ID. Every one should have one, but today a co-worker asked me about mine so that she could order one too.

Now, I only get asked about once a year.

If that.


Normally, as I'm writing down Road-ID's URL for them (f.y.i. it's the links at the side), I get to hear about the questioner's own chronic illness, or that of someone else they know. So, the diabetic of interest that triggered said conversation today that I am forever meant to have an instant bond with, because we are sisters in the fight?

Her cat.


And in the end, I know you're left wondering, just as I was.

Who buys medical ID for their cat?



Sara said...

I have what might be a stupid question...

How do you get a cat to wear a medical ID - I can't even get mine to wear their collars.

Cara said...

Wow. That's impressive.
Now the Vet EMTs will know just what to do when someone calls them to tell them there's a cat having a seizure on the sidewalk. :)

Vivian said...

Hmmm, I can not, no matter what I try, get Daniel to wear his ID. If this person figures out how to get a cat to where it, please let me know, maybe it will work with my son too. lol

parrotletzoo said...


I'm willing to bet said cat wears a collar. I didn't ask. Asking would have prolonged the conversation. ;)

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