Chicago Marathon 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Switching Meds

I'm waiting to switch immuno-suppression medications, from Rapamune (sirolimus) to Cellcept, mainly because of the incessant mouth ulcers and constant need to sleep. Why are you waiting you ask? Well let me tell you!

My lovely insurance company won't cover Cellcept if I purchase it through my local pharmacy. It needs to be ordered through the company's mail order pharmacy. Generally, I don't mind waiting the week to ten days (or sometimes longer) it takes for them to get my medications to me. Last week, however, I had a daclizumab infusion to cover me during the switch over, I had that lovely little allergic reaction I wrote about and I'll be damned if I want to have gone through that bit of fun for no reason because my insurance company is slower then, (c'mon you know the phrase, sing it with me!) molasses in January.

I appreciate that I have insurance, don't get me wrong. plenty of folks out there are uninsured and for the most part I have pretty good coverage. I just wish they'd move a little faster.

Oh and you know what? I'm still on my full Sirolimus dose, have had the Daclizumab so my immune system is extra suppressed, and since Friday my mouth ulcers are gone! 7 days! No pain! Yay! But really, what's up with that? I finally give in to them and they just go away? It's not right! They should go away after I've started Cellcept so I can feel like switching was the right thing to do! Cause, there's a reason why they start us all out on Rapamune. It's a stronger medication. That;s why I put up with mouth ulcers for so long. I was afraid Cellcept wouldn't be as nice to my islets. I'm still going to switch. I'll just have to shove my fears aside, cross my fingers, and trust that all will go well.

I'll do that.

Fo sho.

Soon as it gets here!

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